Wednesday, 24 November 2010

moving house

We are moving. We have been in the process of moving for a week or so now, and we will hit a crescendo of motion on Friday, when we actually obtain a moving van. I thought the two-week overlap we will have had between getting the keys to our new house and surrendering the keys to our rented house would give us plenty of time to paint, make some changes to the layout of the kitchen cupboards, install a dishwasher and new oven, and pack in an orderly fashion. Boy was I wrong. This has been the busiest fortnight we've had in a long time: Martinmas Lantern Walk, Advent Fair, Eva's birthday and birthday party, Advent Spiral Walk....

So far I have painted half of one room. And I have packed about four boxes. But it will happen. We will be in our new home by the end of the weekend. By the end of the weekend, we will be Home.

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