Thursday, 4 November 2010

the elves are busy

Eva has begun work on her Christmas gifts. I couldn't believe how quickly she took to embroidery. The little green bird was originally intended to be a gift for the wonderful teacher who taught Eva's and Imogen's class whilst their regular teacher was recovering from an operation, but it was so lovely I couldn't part with it! I know that's a bit mean, but it was her first ever embroidery, and like her first pair of shoes, I felt I had to keep it.

We based the drawing on some paper birds we made last Spring, and Eva decided to add the word 'LOVE' to her second and third design. I have to thread the needle for her, but other than demonstrating how to stitch over the drawing, she has done all this needlework herself. I've so enjoyed watching the concentration and care she bestows on this handwork - she is very methodical and particular about where she pokes the needle, which colours she puts together, and how large or small her stitches are. I think the results are rather beautiful, and I'm sure the recipients will, too.

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