Thursday, 23 September 2010

four! how did that happen?

Imogen turned four on Sunday. Our dear little sprite, our princess, our dancer, our elfin, grinning ray of light has blithely left babyhood behind. Her limbs have lengthened, losing the last of the baby pudge. Her fingers have become so nimble. She understands the advantages of sharing and of taking turns. She is willing to try new foods, and even eats a little of those she thinks she doesn't like. Of all my children, she is the most tender-hearted. Perhaps it is because she is the middle one (have you ever read the story of Bun-bun, the middle one?), but she possesses the ability to sail effortlessly from person to person, from place to place, from moment to moment. She is a child who is truly 'in the moment'. Last year, her nursery teacher described how Imogen followed a butterfly round the orchard for almost an hour, never speaking to another soul, never disturbing the insect's flight, simply watching. I sometimes find myself watching her, marvelling at her grace and wishing I still had the ability to just be.

The birthday fairy was busy the night before.
A sparkling apple cake for our little star.
The happy birthday bunting we made for Daddy's birthday last January - I finally got around to sewing the flags onto bias tape.
The birthday girl models her crown and her mama-made sleeveless cardigan. I heavily modified this pattern to fit a four-year-old. Details on my Ravelry page.
The outside....
...and the inside of a fuzzy felt game I made using Lizzy House's Castle Peeps fabric and this tutorial.
The family of dolls and their house, made by Eva (with a little sewing help from Mama).
Party favours fit for a gaggle of princesses.
Apple bobbing.
Happy fourth birthday, my beautiful girl!

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