Wednesday, 22 September 2010

bank holiday weekend: monday

Seems kind of silly to be posting this, three weeks after the fact, but it was a beautiful day and deserves to be remembered. In my head, it was a symbolic last day of summer, and what a glorious day it was. For many years, we have ushered out summer with the good people and guests of Staverton village, a few miles from where we live. The Staverton Elizabethan Village Fayre is one of the friendliest and prettiest traditional village fayres I've attended. It's a true community event. Jars of homemade jam jostle for space with cupcakes, latch-hook rugs, pony rides, homegrown produce and home-planted seedlings. Ponies munch and clomp, patiently toting tiny tots back and forth across the grassy field, whilst dogs strain against their leads, waiting for their moment in the racing lanes. The local organic farm supplied barbecued pork sandwiches and vegetarian falafel, the beer tent and the tea tent saw a steady stream of thirsty customers, and everyone enjoyed the variety of live entertainment - a Dixieland jazz band, Elizabethan dancing, a Punch and Judy show, the rock band and a jester. And as usual, the sun shone all day long.


  1. Thanks, Dave. I'm not sure why a couple have distorted - I hate Blogger. The little old lady on the cupcake table asked if I had a special interest in cupcakes...she was kind of suspicious of my photo-taking. :-)