Monday, 19 September 2011

tuesday's child

Born on a Tuesday in the early evening, on a beautiful Indian Summer's day, Imogen brought a bright vivacity and a tender heart into our family. My dark-haired, home-birthed vbac baby arrived a little late to her own party, but made sure we knew she had finally made it! Such a gentle little soul she has grown into...sometimes a dreamer, sometimes a scamp, but always - always - full of wonder and love for everything around her.
We wish you a very happy fifth birthday,
dear Imogen.


  1. She is so so beautiful. At first glance of blog I thought you had had another girl!!! No no it does help to read on!! xxx

  2. Thank you, Molly. We feel pretty lucky to have our three girls - any more would be greedy. heehee Hope you are well. x

  3. Oh my goodness, Happy birthday to your little (big) girl!
    Is her birthday really on the 19th?
    We share the same birthday then ;D
    That is the best day, really - it has been for 31 years for me ;) xo