Sunday, 6 March 2011

late winter blues

I keep hearing voices. Tiny whispers.


'It's coming.'

'Wake up.'

The view from my kitchen sink is changing every day...our little raised bed is bestowing gentle surprises each morning. This new-to-me garden is slowly revealing its secrets...a sprinkling of snowdrops, a cluster of primroses, tall, proud daffodils and today: a hellebore! The previous owners weren't gardeners - that much is certain - but it was their first home together and I can see that they did plant Springtime packages of love into this earth.

However, another gray day greeted us this morning. A veil of ice lay glittering on my car's windscreen at dawn. Winter isn't over yet.

And I've got the blues.
a hat to keep my beloved's ears warm

legwarmers to make us think of Spring rainbows

wondering where the sky ends and the sea begins at this beach

well-shod creekside knitting

stitching up a little national pride

bonny smiles from my girl who never feels the cold

little gifts from a very experienced quilter

On second thought, there's nothin' wrong with a little dose of the blues. Spring, take all the time you need.

1 comment:

  1. Such gorgeous things, all such pretty blues. It was beginning to feel like we might be getting closer to spring here, but now we've been dumped on with loads more snow. One day it will turn to spring, I suppose.