Tuesday, 31 August 2010

august bank holiday: saturday

The August Bank Holiday - the last weekend of the month - traditionally marks the end of the summer holidays in England. Here in Devon, there always seems to be a flurry of last-of-the-good-weather-and-carefree-days goings on during these three days: village fairs, beer and ale festivals, airshows, beach parties. This year, with slightly older littlies and the blessing of sunshine after weeks of rain, we enjoyed every last minute of the whole weekend.

Saturday found us at the Dartmouth Regatta. The week-long Regatta showcases gig rowing, sailing, displays by the Red Arrows, the Typhoon and the Black Knights parachutists, parades, live music, a fun-fair and a noisy and colourful fireworks display.

The funniest moment had to be when, having bought a big bag of candy floss (cotton candy) and offering Esme a handful, she asked me what it was. I told her it was a sweet to eat. She poked it with one finger, looked at it very dubiously, looked back at me and said, 'No, you don't, Mummy. It's wool.' She really didn't believe it was something to be eaten until I ate some to show her. I never would have thought a two-year-old could be such a sceptic! (She was soon a convert to the sticky stuff, though.)

We all enjoyed a surprisingly fast ride on the carousel, and the girls had a wild time on the teacups. I am learning what a little daredevil Esme is, and I suspect she will grow into an extreme sportswoman if her enthusiasm for carnival rides is anything to go by.

The fireworks were another first for our smallest girl. She was kind of unsure to begin with, but before long her enthrallment with the starry spangles in the sky superceded her fear of the booms and bangs. Some daddy-cuddles were all that was needed to ensure little people could enjoy the pyrotechnics.

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