Friday, 1 January 2010

not just another day

Happy new year!

It feels like only a minute ago we were celebrating our arrival at the new millenium, and here we are, already another ten years down the line. My life has changed remarkably in the last decade - I've gained a profession, a husband, three children and a home. I've emigrated, then returned. And most recently, I've stepped away from my career at work to focus more on my career at home.

My confidence in my abilities as a home-maker has grown by leaps and bounds this year. I have always kept my hands busy, but it is only recently that I've realised the joy that the lovingly handmade can bring to other people. In pursuit of inspiration, I have spent many an evening reading the blogs of other mothers and makers...perhaps I may now provide some inspiration of my own.

I leave you with a taste of our handmade Christmas and blessings for a year filled with warm hearts and busy hands.

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